Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

It's Magic!

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's official! Now Out at Amazon!

Candy Caine's release of FOR YOUR LOVE.
Struggling to an unhappy relationship, Carla Millhouse decides on a makeover-- of herself and her life. She joins a gym to lose weight, buys a sexy wardrobe and changes her hair. But even though she is focused on trying to save her relationship, she finds herself gradually becoming intrigued by her hunky, green-eyed gym buddy, Richard. Especially when she starts having torrid, sexy dreams about him.

Trying to put a devastating broken engagement behind, high-powered attorney, Richard Stein, is definitely not in the market for relationship. Then he begins having hot fantasy about his dusky, voluptuous friend, Carla-- but she belongs to someone else. And in Richard's book, it's against the rules to poach. But after one explosive, passionate evening together, he sets out to change the rules…

Friday, August 8, 2014

Coming real SOON...

Saving the Last Dance means so much more...

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lots Going On

Candy hasn't fallen off the face of the earth. She's been busy editing a new story, SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME, and getting ready to reissue one, FOR YOUR LOVE, that needed to be tweaked in all the right places. She also is halfway through another book called FLAVOR OF THE WEEK.

Along with all this, her website is now in the process of being updated and changed.

So keep your eyes peeled!

Monday, June 2, 2014

New Review for BECAUSE OF YOU

Review of BECAUSE OF YOU by Candy Caine Posted by Roxy on May 7, 2014 under Reviews at ROMANCE NOVELS IN COLOR.

Jill and Adam are married and have been for 8 years and like most marriages they are experiencing some turbulence in their relationship.

Their communication has totally broken down. Jill goes against her family to marry a white man they class as “white trash”. They believe that Adam is not good enough for their daughter. Jill goes against her parents and marries the love of her life. Her parents totally disown her and to add insult to injury, her sister also marries a white man and her parents blame her for that also.

Jill is a traditional wife, she has her husband’s dinner on the table ready for him each night and tries to keep the peace in her home. Her self-esteem and belief in herself is low. Adam is an only child from two dysfunctional parents.

His father was a drunk, abusive husband and his mother took drugs and neglected him as a child. Adam feels the weight of Jill being disowned by her parents to marry him. He tries to compensate for this by working all the hours God gives to make himself into a successful Executive for his company, for his wife and to prove to her family that he is not a failure like his father.

 Adam’s efforts to prove himself worthy of Jill puts stress and tension on their marriage because he is neglecting their relationship. They hardly spend any time together and their love life has come to a standstill because Adam is always tired. Adam tells Jill to find a hobby to fill in her spare time. Jill finds something that she has a skill for and the tables are turned in the relationship. Jill becomes more confident and sure of herself through the success of this change she has made in her life. Through her new-found success and self-assurance Jill challenges the status quo in her relationship with her husband. This causes Adam to examine his controlling and unsupportive attitude towards Jill. Just at the point where they are resolving the issues in their relationship one unfortunate incident and one tragic accident could put their new found understanding into jeopardy.

 The author examines and exposes the neglect and pressure couples bring to their relationships/marriages by allowing their communication to break down. Not making time to express how each partner is feeling about everyday life pressures that we all must face can bring complacency and distrust to any marriage/relationship.

I found the story engrossing and a page turner and I would recommend this book! -Reviewed by Marcia Buy it now: Amazon | BN Tags: 4 stars,black heroine,contemporary romance,interracial romance/multicultural romance,Marcia,sensual,white hero - See more at:

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It's Time to Party!
hosted by Marketing for Romance Writers (#MFRWorg)

JOIN ME writing as Candace Gold & over a dozen other authors as we share excerpts from our contemporary romances. With all heat levels represented, there's something for everyone. Join in on the hourly contests and win prizes. This is a party you do not want to miss and it's going on all day on May 1st.

Confirmed Participating Authors INCLUDE:
Victoria Barbour - Vicki Batman - Paloma Beck - Gemma Brocato - Lisa Carlisle - Carlie Carson - Margie Church - Kandie Delley - Emerald - Candace Gold - Lily Harlem - Mona Karel - Patricia Kiyono - Adriana Kraft - Jan Meredith - Erin Moore - Siobhan Muir - Martha O'Sullivan - Skylin O'Thomas - Jana Richards - Sabrina York

Watch for me at 7:00 pm. I'll be sharing my book, A TWIST OF FATE .

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