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When a tall, handsome, hunk in cutoff sweats gets in Marnie Davis’s face for hijacking his Laundromat dryer, sparks fly. She calls him a barbarian. He calls her a hooligan. Imagine her chagrin then, to find the barbarian, Scott Langley, dressed like a GQ model in her law offices the next day. It turns out Scott is the godson of one of the partners of her firm. 

When the partner forces Marnie to take Scott under her wing, they decide to bury the hatchet and behave like two professionals. Despite their growing attraction for each other, both are determined not to forge any kind of new relationship. They have been burned too badly by a past relationship. It takes a shocking tragedy to finally bring the two lovers into each others’ arms—only to have a sensational trial, where they are opposing counsels, tear them apart.

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THANK YOU, BETTY WHITE! For your plug!
This clip comes from her show, Hot in Cleveland
Season 3, Episode: Storage Wars


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Candy Caine invites her readers to dive into this anthology of some of her hottest interracial love stories…including the never before published, Dare to Love.

Dare to Love
Sarah, a reserved African American librarian, is smitten with Ryan when he visits her library. His tall, wide-shouldered body and mesmerizing blue-grey eyes make her pulse race. Then Ryan asks her out on a date. Then another.  Soon the shy librarian blossoms under their passionate lovemaking, and she finds herself falling in love with him.
But Sarah’s fairytale romance crumbles  when she unwittingly overhears a devastating conversation between Ryan and his best friend.  
Dangerous Attraction
Her “forbidden fruit” comes wrapped in a six foot, yummy, chocolate hunk.

I was in Love With My Sister’s Husband
Wayne is everything Rochelle can ever want in a man—but he is so off limits to her…
Jeremy can’t resist Margo and her erotic sex games, and she takes him to sensual heights he’s never experienced before.
Devil or Angel
Sometimes angels of mercy in white nurse’s uniforms, turn into devils in black latex corsets…

A roller coaster ride of erotic thrills… Great fun!”  Alice Gaylord, author of The Reluctant Handyman

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Happy Labor Day!

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It's Magic!

It costs $1,000 a ticket to watch this show in Paris.
It's fantastic. click here...

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It's official! Now Out at Amazon!

Candy Caine's release of FOR YOUR LOVE.
Struggling to an unhappy relationship, Carla Millhouse decides on a makeover-- of herself and her life. She joins a gym to lose weight, buys a sexy wardrobe and changes her hair. But even though she is focused on trying to save her relationship, she finds herself gradually becoming intrigued by her hunky, green-eyed gym buddy, Richard. Especially when she starts having torrid, sexy dreams about him.

Trying to put a devastating broken engagement behind, high-powered attorney, Richard Stein, is definitely not in the market for relationship. Then he begins having hot fantasy about his dusky, voluptuous friend, Carla-- but she belongs to someone else. And in Richard's book, it's against the rules to poach. But after one explosive, passionate evening together, he sets out to change the rules…

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