Friday, April 10, 2009

Warm and fuzzy

I got a wonderful mention in the Lady Leo Publishing newsletter yesterday and it made my day--and was good enough to make my entire week. I only hope that I more than live up to their expectations and blow them away with my dazzling stuff.

On a trivia note, I came across a poll given by World Start, a techie sort of a company that answers computer questions and sells useful gadgets to those who love them. Who do you think played the best James Bond?

Answer 1: Sean Connery :
77.83% - 846 votes
Answer 2: George Lazenby :
0.37% - 4 votes
Answer 3: Roger Moore :
10.86% - 118 votes
Answer 4: Timothy Dalton :
1.01% - 11 votes
Answer 5: Pierce Brosnan :
6.53% - 71 votes
Answer 6: Daniel Craig :
3.4% - 37 votes
1087 total votes

I agreed with their number one choice, but hey, they certainly didn't show poor Pierce any love.

Okay, that's my opinion for what it's worth.


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