Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Interview with Arrow Publications

Recently Candy was interviewed by Arrow Publications about how she felt about e-books and erotica.
Arrow: We'd love to hear about you. So tell us-- we're listening.
CC: First, let me tell you how honored and delighted I am to be interviewed for your newsletter. I guess the best way to tell you about myself is to talk about my writing. They say, every writer puts a little of themselves in their stories, however with me, it's a little different. I find I'm jealous of my characters and want to have as much fun as some of them do.
Arrow: Okay-- sounds adventurous! So, what you think about mobile publishing and making Christmas With a Stranger available on the iTunes app store?
CC: I am as thrilled as I can be that Christmas With a Sranger is available at the app store! Making it available on iTunes broadens my audience. Also, having the stories available anywhere in the world is one of the most fantastic things about the new technologies afforded to the writers to connect with their fans.
Arrow: It's very important to give the fans what they want. So, what motivated you to start writing these hot love stories?
CC: Simply put, I write stories I hope people will enjoy. To please my readers is my top priority.
Arrow: Okay, let's be more specific: you write erotica and confessions. What made you choose these romance subgenres?
CC: I was in a small grocery store in Tempe, Arizona buying groceries and I happened to see the confession magazines in the checkout line. I picked up one of the magazines began to thumb through it and then I bought it. That's how I started writing confessions. At this moment, I decided to stretch my writing wings and wrote novels as Candace Gold. When I first began to write, the e-book market was evolving and it became the venue for short erotic stories. For a way to showcase my short stories, I naturally gravitated there. I found some good e-book publishers and I found some disappointing once. For instance, I began my erotic writing career with Ocean's Mist Press, but they folded. Someone suggested that I submit my work to Lady Leo Publishing, one of the most wonderful publishers I've ever worked with. It was one of the best things I've ever done!
Arrow: How often do you write?
CC: I try to write a little every day, but unfortunately, life gets in the way. But, it's the same life that fills my head with the ideas that eventually turn into stories.
Arrow: Have you considered expanding into other genres?
CC: There are times that I've been asked by editors or publishers to write a particular story. But no matter what I write, romantic confessions or erotica, it's the story or plotline that is most important to me. It has to be a good story-- especially when it comes to my erotica. I never present sex for sex's sake.
Arrow: What do you do to promote your books, your brand and yourself?
CC: You can always check out what Candy's been up to at I especially love to hear from my fans because their feedback is very important to me. I belong to writing group called Dunes and Dreams. So, mainly I use my website and promote through the writing group.
Arrow: What's in store to be released in 2010?
CC: As for what the future holds for Candy Caine? She will have a story in the anthology, Sistahs Need Love 2, coming in October from Lady Leo Publishing entitled "Never Say Never."
Arrow: Candy, it's really been a pleasure! Thank you for taking the time to talk with us!
CC: Thank You! The pleasure has been all mine. I can't wait until next time! And BTW, I am both Candy Caine and Candace Gold.


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