Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Seems like Candy Caine is going to have her name on two stories that Candace Gold had been claiming. Slight change in plans. GRANDMA'S HANDYMAN due out in July and WANTING WAYNE due out in August. Both will published by Lady Leo Publishing. Also coming out by Candy caine in August is FORBIDDEN FRUIT.

In GRANDMA'S HANDYMAN, Shawna Washington finds the man she's been living with in their bed with a neighbor. She scratches his name off her Christmas list and leaves him, but finds getting him out of her life isn't so easy. Taking a vacation to visit her grandmother, she thinks she'll get away from men and their tangling relationships. Only Grandma has her own agenda. She tries every which-way to fix Shawna up with her hunky handyman, Roy Smith.

In WANTING WAYNE, Rochelle Robinson loves Wayne Watson. However, he's the one man she can never have, because he's already married to her younger sister, Tanisha. What makes matters worse is knowing that Tanisha treats Wayne like dirt and cares even less for their son, Ty. What will Rochelle do when she discovers her sister's been unfaithful?

In FORBIDDEN FRUIT, pre-engaged to her childhood sweetheart, Melissa Janey lands her dream job at a law firm. Everything seems to be falling into place rather nicely for her-until she meets Charles White. The true test comes when she has to decide between her life-long love or the love of her life.


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