Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday's Excerpt

Dangerous Attraction is an IR story about Kayla, a young African-American woman, who takes a Greyhound to Las Vegas in the hope of beginning a new life. She ends up working as a waitress in a topless pancake house. There she meets rich and debonair Deacon Masters who offers her the life of a princess to travel the world and receive the kind of gifts she only once dreamed of. It's published by Lady Leo Publishing.

Four months later, I was working the 11:00 pm to 7:00 am shift. The week had been very busy because of several conventions being held at nearby hotels. Though our dump of a restaurant was off the strip, we never had to advertise. Most of our patrons learned about us through word of mouth.

My shift was nearly over when two well-dressed men sat down in my section. One was attractive, in his late forties with brown hair going gray at the sides. He had a well-maintained suntan, which emphasized his light blue eyes. The other man, a light-skinned African-American, was younger and bigger. His broad shoulders strained the seams of his jacket. He was pure eye-candy, with the most beautiful green eyes I’d ever seen on a man. I figured he was his bodyguard.

I brought over two menus, and the older man told me to start with two coffees. I noticed that he wore an expensive-looking watch and a diamond pinky ring. Everything about him seemed to shout money. However, being well-dressed and apparently having money didn’t always translate into a big tipper, something I’d learned quickly. He did most of the talking, while the younger man merely nodded. Both men ordered a deluxe breakfast consisting of orange juice, an oversized stack of pancakes, sausage, toast, and coffee, which I refilled often.

As I freshened their cups for the second time, the older guy asked me my name. One thing about serving tables topless, you had no place to pin a nametag.


“That’s a beautiful name. Don’t you agree, Morgan?”

The younger man smiled at me and said, “It’s a perfect name for her.”

I smiled back and asked if there was anything else I could get them.

The older man caught me off guard with his next question. “Do you have an old man at home, sweetheart?”

I shook my head, surprised at myself for telling him the truth. Normally I didn’t give out any personal information.

“Then perhaps you’ll have dinner with me some time?”

“I don’t date men I don’t know.”

He tapped his head with his forefinger. “How forgetful of me. Where are my manners? I’m Deacon Masters and this is my assistant, Morgan Grant.”

“You don’t expect me to go out with you now just because I know your name?”

“Why not?”

“How would I know if it’s your real name?”

“She’s got me there, Morgan. Any suggestions?”

The younger man leaned over and whispered something into his boss’s ear.
A man sitting in a booth waved at me. “Excuse me,” I said, “I have to bring something to another table. I’ll be right back.”

Mary Jo caught me as I walked into the kitchen. “Who are those hotties?”

“The older guy wants to take me to dinner.”

“You go, girlfriend!”

“But, I don’t know him. He could be a crazy, for all I know.”

“So you don’t see him again.”

“I won’t—especially if I’m dead.”

“You see too much CSI, girl. Go out and have a good time.”
When I returned to Deacon’s table, he handed me a business card. A quick glance told me he was an importer of fine wines.

“What you can’t tell from the card is that I travel a great deal and make lots of money, which I enjoy spending on beautiful women. All I’m asking for is a date, but if we click, I can give you your heart’s desires.”


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