Monday, November 15, 2010


Here it is Monday again and I realize that I've been neglecting my blogs--of course I could use the excuse I've been writing and editing several stories. And I could add the fact life threw my poor son a nasty curve and he lost his job out in Arizona, forcing him to return home. But I won't. He's got a job and here I am blogging.

I've decided to try to be more consistent and give an excerpt from one of my stories every Monday. For Wednesday's, it'll be pot luck, which means whatever. A joke, quiz, etc. On Fridays I will try to give writing advice.

Sounds like a New Year's resolution, doesn't it? Well, I hope not, 'cause I've stopped making them. It's like lying to yourself.

Well, it’s Monday, so here’s an excerpt from FORBIDDEN FRUIT:

“Hi, hon,” I said, coming through the door. I had my own key. I found my man parked in front of his computer, as usual, and gave him a big kiss. Darryl had become a really terrific graphic artist, my prejudice aside, and worked from his apartment. If I didn’t force him to go outside sometimes, he’d never leave the apartment.

“Umm, you taste good. How was your first day on the job?”

“Great! I think I’m really going to like it there.”

“And you were so worried.”

“What’s that terrific smell?”

“Dinner. I have a roasted chicken in the oven.”

“My very own Colonel Sanders. How does it look that the man I love is a better cook than me?”

“Do you really care?”

“I may, but my stomach certainly doesn’t.” I spoke the truth since I was a terrible cook, not having much practice and still trying to master boiling water.

Darryl powered down the computer and took me in his arms.

“I love you, Mel.” His soft brown eyes looked at me with such longing, that I felt myself turning to jelly.

Knowing that he loved me so much always made my heart leap in my chest. I smiled and kissed him. He kissed me back and began to nuzzle my neck. His tongue traced the outline of my lips before entering my mouth as his hand encircled my breast through my blouse.

“Do we have time before dinner?”

“Of course,” he said, as he took my hand and led me into his bedroom.

We both undressed and got into bed ready to continue where we left off. Resting on my knees, I ran my hands through Darryl’s thick, black hair as he buried his head in my chest before teasing each breast, one at a time, with his tongue and lips.

“Like that, baby?”

“Umm, nice,” I whispered, breathlessly. “Don’t stop.”

“I aim to please,” Darryl said as he gently pushed me down on my back. He began to kiss his way down my body slowly, leaving tender, butterfly like kisses along the way. He stopped momentarily at my navel and flicked his tongue in and out as he continued to play with my nipples, keeping them puckered and hard. Continuing to kiss and fondle me, he didn’t stop until I was wet enough to receive him.

He eased his way into me and began to move slowly at first. I savored every stroke. Soon his pace quickened and it wasn’t very long before I felt his body stiffen in my arms as he grabbed at my breasts. That was my signal that he’d come and we were done. Somehow, I sort of felt that maybe there was something missing.

Darryl kissed me. “I’d better check on dinner,” he said and began to pull on his clothes. I redressed also and followed him into the kitchen.


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