Sunday, May 22, 2011


I have come to the conclusion that my writing career has taught me how to make great lemonade. We've all been told to take the lemons we've been handed and change them into lemonade. I've now think I've made it into an art form. And don't forget "a day late and a dollar short". That probably applies to me as well. However, I've got to pat myself on the shoulder.

When the third publisher closed her doors and returned the rights to my short stories and novellas, I finally decided I wasn't going to start from scratch again and resubmit them to another publisher. It wasn't worth the aggravation. Instead, I decided to take the already edited stories and get them back up at the esites they'd just been removed from. Why not cut out the middle man and receive the lion's share?

Well, I did just that for 5 of Candy Caine's Stories. They all have new covers and are currently up at Smashwords. Two have already begun their journey to the other esites and three are waiting approval for premium status. It's a good feeling to have accomplished something I didn't know I could do. Most of the covers were my own creation.

The really good part is that anyone can do this. I know the publishing business is in constant flux and I'm not the only person to get their work back because their publisher flatlined. There's message here. Don't give up. Perservere and you'll surprise yourself.


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