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My Neighbor Was a Peeping Tom

By: Candy Caine | Other books by Candy Caine
Published By: Candace Gold
Published: Aug 28, 2011
ISBN # 0983595380

Word Count: 4,600
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Categories: Erotica Free

Jill Bond sometimes feels that she’s being watched when she exercises in her den, but thinks it’s her imagination playing tricks on her. Being a writer, she could have had one too many deadlines. She also has more pressing things on her mind like kick-starting the sex in her marriage. Looking forward to celebrating her anniversary with dinner at a new seafood restaurant, followed by a night of steamy, monkey sex, she unfortunately passes out from too much wine. The next night, she is able to make it up to her husband, Jay, and they really get their groove on. The following night, to keep the hot sex continuing, Jay brings home a porno flick. Their sex sizzles and they vow to never let it slip into the doldrums again. A few months later, when there’s nothing decent to watch on TV, they pick up two movies. Jill selects Casablanca, while Jay grabs a skin flick. They watch her movie first and then the movie Jay had selected—which turns out to be one they’d never forget.

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Sensuality Rating: Not rated

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contemporary, erotic, romance

Candy Caine

Stripped down to my bra and panties, I was stretching on my den floor doing my yoga exercises. As a novelist, I believed limbering one’s body also exercised their mind making them a better writer. Suddenly, I got the awful sensation that I was being watched. I could almost feel their eyes slowly slipping down my body as a feeling of violation rose within me.
Scrambling to my feet, I peered out the glass sliding doors, but no one was out there. I quickly slipped into my robe and stepped outside to look around more thoroughly. A lone crow standing on the picnic table cawed at me in disgust for disturbing him as he picked at a crumb. He seemed to be the only thing around. My house was a small ranch, in a cul-de-sac, surrounded on two sides by woods. And if that wasn’t private enough, a solid six-foot fence ran the entire perimeter of the backyard. Could it have been my imagination?
Then I recalled I’d gotten the same eerie feeling last week while I was vacuuming the living room rug in shorts and a halter top. At first I thought I might be going crazy, perhaps losing the last remaining parts of a once sane mind—the obvious result of too many deadlines. However, this was the second time I felt violated in such a manner. But then, why would anyone want to watch me vacuum a rug or do yoga exercises? It wasn’t as if I was doing it in the nude.
Strange, I thought, really strange. Even so, with this second incident, dare I write it off as the result of an overworked, feverish mind?
By the time my husband, Jay, came home, I’d forgotten all about the episode. It was our fourth anniversary and we were going out to dinner to celebrate. Jay had made reservations at the new restaurant on Johnson Avenue. He’d heard it served great seafood, which we both loved.
Our anniversary celebration couldn’t have come at a better time. Jay and I desperately needed some quality time together. He’d been working long hours and I was trying to forge ahead with my writing career. Along with that, we’d reached an impasse in our relationship and boredom had settled in. We seriously needed something to spice up our sex life. Therefore, we were both looking forward to this romantic dinner and then, a well-deserved and sorely missed, good time in bed.
It's almost comical now, but nearly a month ago, I attempted to seduce Jay. Not willing to sit back and watch my marriage trickle down the drain, I decided to do something about it. I’d read, from cover-to-cover, a book on how to seduce your man and embark on an exciting sex-life. Following one of the suggestions I’d just gotten Jay into bed and disappeared into the bathroom for a minute. When I emerged dressed in my provocative peignoir, my red hair cascading down my shoulders, I intended to rock his socks off. Unfortunately, during the short time I was gone, Jay had fallen sound asleep. I was so frustrated that I didn’t care if he was awake or not.
I stroked his balls with one hand while I took his flaccid cock into my mouth and sucked life into it. When it became hard, which didn’t take long, I lowered myself down onto it and slowly began to pump up and down as I planted silken kisses along his chest. A huge smile appeared on Jay’s face, but he remained asleep. Men are such remarkable creatures, sometimes.
Still in control, I continued humping his pole until I’d had an orgasm. Hey, it would have been nice if he helped a little, but who’s complaining. At least I fell asleep satisfied.

My Neighbor Was a Peeping Tom
By: Candy Caine


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