Friday, October 21, 2011

Be Aware

I just went through a horrible time trying to get old books from a publisher that went out of business months ago down from Internet sites. Just because the publisher goes under, it doesn't mean that sites automatically remove books published by them. People still buy the books, and guess where the money goes? The author never sees any of it. When Lady Leo Publishing went out of business, I put a number of books up with Smashwords, knowing that I could always unpublish them and sign with another publisher. I ended up signing contracts with Arrow Publications for a few of them. Everything was rosy until someone found a cheaper version of the book on another site and told Amazon. Be aware that some sites take what seems like forever to correct this and only if you go after them.

I'd like everyone that Love With a Younger Man, Dangerous Attraction and Christmas With a Stranger are now published by Arrow Publications, a terrific publishing house.  


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