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Candy Caine: The Sweet & Sexy Side of Author Candace Gold

Erotica Author Releases New Novel, Never is Not Forever

November 2, 2011—Bethesda, Maryland

Candace Gold is a woman of many roles and moods: wife to Robert, mother to two grown sons, library assistant and more. When she sits down at her computer to write steamy, erotic romances she channels her writing alter ego, Candy Caine. Writing as Caine, her new novel, Never is Not Forever, was just published by Arrow Publications, LLC. The eBook is now available from, Amazon’s Kindle Store, Barnes and Noble’s NOOK Store, All Romance eBooks and the iBookstore.

“Candy Caine is my edgier side,” explains Gold. “It's Candy who often writes the erotic stories that tend to curl the hair on Candace's head. But no matter what I write, romantic confessions or erotica, it's the story or plotline that is most important to me. It has to be a good story—especially when it comes to my erotica. I never present sex for sex’s sake,” she adds.

Gold has written nearly 200 short stories and several novels. She began her writing career writing children’s books. When she told her husband about her plans he broke into gales of laughter. “I took his laughter as a kind of dare and began to write picture books. But my biggest thrill in writing children’s books was being asked to contribute to the Chicken Soup for the Kid’s Soul Anthology.”

As Gold’s writing evolved she decided to take the plunge into writing for adults and began writing confessions and erotica. Never is Not Forever, her latest effort, is the story of Claudia Brown, whose life is perfect except for one thing—she has no children. Realizing she could grow old alone, Claudia decides to have a baby—minus the attachment of a father. After an intensive search she finds the ideal candidate for sperm donor. But things got complicated when she starts falling in love with him.

“They say, every writer puts a little of themselves in their stories, however with me, it’s a little different. I find I’m jealous of my characters and want to have as much fun as some of them do,” says Gold.

As Candy Caine, Gold is also the author of Christmas with a Stranger, Dangerous Attractions and Love with a Younger Man, which have all recently been updated and republished by Arrow Publications. To find these books, search by title, the author’s name and “Arrow Publications” at, Amazon’s Kindle Store, Barnes and Noble’s NOOK Store, All Romance eBooks and the Apple App Store.

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