Thursday, August 16, 2012

Whart I've Learned

          As  a writer I've learned a great deal since I first put pen to paper. I've learned the pain of rejection when my "masterpiece" was turned down. That's when the saying: "make lemonade out of lemons" comes in handy. You're supposed to use what you learn from the rejection to make your work better. despite all that, it still hurts.
          I've learned to have patience. Lord, is that a necessity. Nothing is instant, though hearing back from agents and editors with the advent of email is quicker over snail mail, any day. Sometimes I thought the wait would kill me. Couple a rejection after a long wait and you have the potential for a lot of jumping off of cliffs. Looking back, I wonder why there weren't a lot more suicides, though drinking played a big part, especially at conferences. But I digress...
          Perserverence is another important characteristic to possess. Without it, I never would have continued to write and send my stories out. I probably would have looked for a high cliff. I truly believed in the mantra that when one door closed another opened. Since I've been writing, five publishers have gone belly-up on me. I had no choice, but to seek other publishers. I was lucky and moved on. I self-published some of my work and found other publishers to release the rest. However, despite all the turmoil, I continued on.
          There's a reason I had the will to continue. It's what got me started in the first place. The desire to write. To create stories to entertain people. I want people to read my stories and say they really liked it. I want the characters to mean something to them as they had to me. I may not be able to cure disease or make a million dollars in real estate. But if I can give a little pleasure to my readers, I'm happy.


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