Monday, December 5, 2016

Excerpt from I Erogenous Jones

That night Max came over. He’d brought Thai food he’d picked up along the way. The food smelled great, but Max looked tastier. He’d gotten better looking during the last six years. He now sported a golden mustache and trimmed beard. His blue eyes were still just as electric and his sexy mouth just as tempting. Yeah, he still had that effect on me and I would have had him right then and there if it had been possible.
We sat at the table eating and talking. Call me crazy, but he appeared to be studying me while I wasn’t looking. When I turned to face him, he’d have quite a devilish look on his face. It made me wonder what he might have been planning. My insides were beginning to liquefy just the same whenever his eyes met mine.
“You look wonderful, Ariel,” Max said, as he poured more wine into my glass and cast a slow smile my way. I managed to stutter a thank you. Could my heart swell any more than it had?
“As Martine mentioned anything about the club we belong to?” Max asked me.
“Yes, she has.”
“Then it’s set. You’re going to come tomorrow night, right?” He said.
How could I say no to Max? “Will you be there?”
“Why, of course—especially if I know you’ll be there.” He gave me a broad smile that made my toes twitch and all I could do was return the smile.
It was late, so Max left right after we finished eating. He turned me around and kissed me good night. I could still feel the heat from his lips long after he left.


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