Monday, October 5, 2009


Candy Caine has done it again!

Two of her stories are in the top three for the

month of September at Lady Leo Publishing.

Now in first place is Christmas With a Stranger

In the wee hours, two days before Christmas, graphic artist Allie Benson-a young African-American living contently with her boyfriend-is awakened by a distress call from her boss. Knowing she possesses a pilot's license, he asks her to fly to Maine to pick up Roy Colby, a stranded potential client, and bring him back to Manhattan. She imagines Colby, the owner of a chain of stores, to be a middle-aged guy with a paunch, so she isn't prepared for the handsome, blond-haired man waiting at the airport. When the plane develops engine trouble, she's forced to make an emergency landing. Rescue is prevented by a snowstorm, and they take shelter in an abandoned shack. After spending a stolen night of bliss, the two are rescued. But will they ever be able to return to their lovers at home and forget one another?

And in third place is: Love With a Younger Man


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