Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Latest Cover

My story, FORBIDDEN FRUIT, is due out this month at LADY LEO PUBLISHING

When Melissa Janey, a young, white woman, becomes a receptionist for the law firm of Wendell, Jones and Smith, she opens a new chapter of her life. Coming from a close-knit loving family and pre-engaged to the only guy she’s ever been with and known most of her life, Darryl Simmons, a graphic artist, Melissa is happy and content with her life. Even though she thinks her life with Darryl is wonderful, sometimes she finds herself envying Millie, a real party girl for her Technicolor sexual escapades which she shares with her co-workers at lunch.
Melissa continues contentedly along in her well-ordered life until she attends the office Christmas party. There she literally bumps into Charles White, a handsome, black trial lawyer. When Melissa dances with Charles, she experiences feelings she knows she should have with Darryl. And when Charles kisses her goodnight, she guiltily feels the imprint all the way to Darryl’s apartment. Despite Her attempts to forget Charles, her feelings for him grow. Will Melissa choose her life-long love or the love of her life?


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