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Candy Caine: Second Chances

By Kat @ ARe on January 20th, 2014
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candy caine
Please welcome romance author Candy Caineto the Cafe!
Second chances — we all deserve them, don’t we? Well, I was lucky enough to get a second chance at love and it inspired me — or better still, sowed the seeds within me to writeBECAUSE OF YOU. There are numerous parallels between my life and Jill Stone’s. I really didn’t realize it fully until now. I live on Long Island and usually write about other places. Yet, for BECAUSE OF YOU, I didn’t. I made it on Long Island’s beautiful north shore. And most of all, I chose for one of her passions to be writing. I’m certain a shrink would find this interesting!
This, however, is where inspiration ends and a story begins. BECAUSE OF YOU is about Jill Stone, an African-American woman, who finds herself at a crossroads in her marriage. Defying her parents by marrying Adam, a white man, Jill Stone believed love could conquer all. But as Adam’s career blossomed, so did Jill’s loneliness.  Finally gaining the courage to address the situation, Jill confronts Adam, but all he can say is “get a hobby.” An avid reader, particularly of romances, Jill decides to write her own in secret.
Adam, on the other hand, recognizes his marriage is going down the tubes, but can’t exorcise the demons of Jill’s parents thinking he isn’t good enough for her. He has to succeed – at all costs. Keeping his work related problems from Jill is part of the price — and one of those problems is a sexy new boss who is out to bed him no matter how much he resists.  If any two people needed a second chance, it’s them, but they will have to grow with each other as their lives change or lose each other forever…
I hope you’ll enjoy the passionate ups and downs of my latest multiracial romance, BECAUSE OF YOU.
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